Nutrients in Drinking Water

Water – an important nutrient:

The human body is seventy percent made of water. Hence research has proved that the body can sustain three weeks without food but only three days without water. Water is not only the basic necessity for survival; it is also a component that is responsible for the healthy functioning of the body. Water is in itself a very valuable nutrient. It helps every cell in the body to carry out its functions properly. We get twenty percent of the water content in the body from food and drinking water and other non-alcoholic beverages constitute the rest. Izumio drinking water has all the nutritional values of water.

The Institute of Medicine recommends thirteen glasses of water for men and nine glasses of water for the women. Such is the optimal amount of drinking water that makes the body function properly. Reducing the amount of water intake can cause various anomalies in the body. Water stands as the basis of blood, urine, perspiration and digestive juices. It is also contained in the fat stored in the body, in the lean muscles and the bones as well. However, water cannot be stored in the body unlike other nutrients. Hence the body needs a fresh supply of water every day.

Nutrients in drinking water:

Most of us think that water is needed to just keep the body hydrated. It is important for us to know the nutritional value of water. The nutrients in water are:

* Calcium: calcium in needed to keep the bones in the body strong.

* Magnesium: this too is needed for the bones and cardiovascular functioning.

* Sodium: this is an important extracellular electrolyte that is lost during sweat.

* Copper: this has important antioxidant function and helps in iron utilization.

* Selenium: it improves the immune system of the body by helping in the general antioxidant function.

* Potassium: this is needed for a variety of biochemical effects.

All these nutrients are found in Izumio drinking water. Thus to keep the body functioning properly, it is important to drink lots of water.

Water is needed for the proper functioning of the body. It keeps the cells in the body healthy. The bloodstream liquid is replenished which facilitates blood flow in the body. It helps to remove excess electrolytes from the body that are produced as a byproduct of metabolism. Water regulates body temperature through sweating. It helps in digestion and prevents constipation. Thus drinking water is very important.