Control Mosquitoes for Your Healthy Home

If you thought mosquitoes are only a nuisance while you are outdoors, think again. In fact, they are one of the most major causes of health-related issues. Thousands of people all over the world worry a lot about how to tackle problems related to pest infestations that they face inside their houses. The months in summer, in particular, are especially worse since mosquitoes bring more agony to all those who want to be outdoors. The most common places where you will find mosquitoes apart from your houses are in your backyards, in standing water and at various picnic spots among others.

The good news is that you can still enjoy spending time outdoors. There is a host of tools available for repelling mosquitoes in various price ranges that are a great help for getting rid of the mosquitoes. However, you need to be sure of using some good mosquito control services for keeping those tiny monsters at bay.

You can protect youself from the diseases caused by mosquitoes in two different ways. The first technique is to make sure that you reduce or get the mosquito population controlled to the maximum. When the population of the mosquitoes gets reduced, the possibility of getting bitten by mosquitoes also goes down. It is obvious that when you are not bitten by these pests, you are safe from diseases borne by a mosquito. This objective can be achieved by reducing mosquitoes at their source, trapping, or use if biological and chemical means like adulticiding or larviciding. The second technique to remain safe from mosquitoes is to make sure that the adult mosquitoes that remain cannot bite you.

Follow these handy tips to control mosquitoes for your healthy home

Standing water, if available, should be removed. Holding units that have good chance of preserving rainwater like empty holes, pot holes, plastic containers and tires need to be removed too.

You should replace the water in the birdbath and the pool quite frequently.

Boats, if any, should be covered using tarps.

There should be proper drainage holes in your outdoor garbage for proper channeling of sewage water,

If there are clogged gutters, keep them clean always so that there is no accumulation of rainwater ever.

When to approach a pest control company

But though you might have taken steps to control mosquitoes, sometimes they are not sufficient. In such situations, you need the help of a good mosquito control service provider to reduce the population of adult mosquitoes surrounding and inside your home. These pest control companies use environmental friendly services for eliminating breeding and nesting sites for adult mosquitoes.

Zap The Mosquitoes Away With Natural Products

Mosquitoes are not only an annoyance but also cause serious illnesses, some that are treatable and many that causes death. Many people are mosquito magnets for these pests who even bite their way through shoes! The call in professionals who handle mosquito control services in eliminating your home or commercial enterprise from these disease-bearing pests. In addition to using their services, here are a couple of natural methods to get rid of those scary pests.


Mosquitoes loathe the smell of mint, as do rats. Finely chop the mint leaves, add it to water and spray this around the house like a vaporizer. The smell of mint is soothing and is a form of aromatherapy too. It also zaps those menacing dengue pests.

A Natural Garlic Vaporizer

Garlic is a wonder in the kitchen – it is also no friend of the mosquito. Smash a couple of pods garlic with or without the skin and boil it in water. Use this as a spray and dissuade mosquitoes from making your home their home.

The Allure of Lavender

Lavender oil applied on your skin or used as a spray is a definitive way to eliminate your home from annoying monsters. The flower and its scent are natural, calm the mind and add to the allure of your home. You get the advantage of three – a nice smelling home, aromatherapy and no pests.

Herbal Wonders

Basil, also known as tulsi in many Indian homes, is one of the natural ways to get rid of mosquitoes. Follow the same method as with the mint and you will find yourself free of mosquitoes. Alternatively, plant a basil shrub and you get the benefit in the garden too, ideal while entertaining outside.

If you do not have the time or the patience to see yourself trying any of these methods, or if they have failed you, call in professionals who handle mosquito control services. It may require a series of sprays especially if you have a water collection like ponds and pools or even debris. Natural methods work wonderfully well – you make sure that you remove any build up of water anywhere in or around the house.

It can get quite difficult during the monsoons, which is the ideal time for those mosquitoes to multiply – this is the time when they need to be removed completely especially if you notice any sign of larvae. The professionals do their job; you need to keep the fires burning and free from pests.