Nutrients in Drinking Water

Water – an important nutrient:

The human body is seventy percent made of water. Hence research has proved that the body can sustain three weeks without food but only three days without water. Water is not only the basic necessity for survival; it is also a component that is responsible for the healthy functioning of the body. Water is in itself a very valuable nutrient. It helps every cell in the body to carry out its functions properly. We get twenty percent of the water content in the body from food and drinking water and other non-alcoholic beverages constitute the rest. Izumio drinking water has all the nutritional values of water.

The Institute of Medicine recommends thirteen glasses of water for men and nine glasses of water for the women. Such is the optimal amount of drinking water that makes the body function properly. Reducing the amount of water intake can cause various anomalies in the body. Water stands as the basis of blood, urine, perspiration and digestive juices. It is also contained in the fat stored in the body, in the lean muscles and the bones as well. However, water cannot be stored in the body unlike other nutrients. Hence the body needs a fresh supply of water every day.

Nutrients in drinking water:

Most of us think that water is needed to just keep the body hydrated. It is important for us to know the nutritional value of water. The nutrients in water are:

* Calcium: calcium in needed to keep the bones in the body strong.

* Magnesium: this too is needed for the bones and cardiovascular functioning.

* Sodium: this is an important extracellular electrolyte that is lost during sweat.

* Copper: this has important antioxidant function and helps in iron utilization.

* Selenium: it improves the immune system of the body by helping in the general antioxidant function.

* Potassium: this is needed for a variety of biochemical effects.

All these nutrients are found in Izumio drinking water. Thus to keep the body functioning properly, it is important to drink lots of water.

Water is needed for the proper functioning of the body. It keeps the cells in the body healthy. The bloodstream liquid is replenished which facilitates blood flow in the body. It helps to remove excess electrolytes from the body that are produced as a byproduct of metabolism. Water regulates body temperature through sweating. It helps in digestion and prevents constipation. Thus drinking water is very important.

What makes Izumio the number 1 health drink?

People have become so conscious about their health that they are ready to invest in health and nutritional supplements. Then again, not all health drinks guarantee the benefits that they promise. While some have side effects, there are others that only make false promises. In such a scenario, one is skeptical about trying out any health drinks. However, Izumio water proves to be the health drink that it claims to be. Enriched with Hydrogen, this drink is quite beneficial for the health and vitality of a person.

So, what is the main reason for Izumio becoming the number one health drink? It is because of the benefits of Izumio water, which are derived due to the presence of Hydrogen in them.

Fights against diseases

This water is quite helpful in combating AIDS, allergies, skin diseases, respiratory organic diseases, Osteoarthritis, Diabetes, Digestive system problems, and other health conditions.

Effective Antioxidant

Due to its anti-oxidant properties, it reduces the effect of free radicals, converting them into harmless substances. These radicals are then extracted out of the body in a natural way, in the form of sweat or urine.

Delivery at doorstep

Izumio water is delivered, right at your door-step, in its special crafted packaging. So, without having to visit the sites for miracle water, a person can derive the Izumio water benefits sitting at home

Easiest way to drink for health

Before this health drink arrived in the market, people used to try different methods for adding hydrogen to the water. To make the water enriched with Hydrogen, Magnesium sticks were added to the water. Also, water was passed through purified water filters so that some hydrogen could be produced. Izumio water comes in a ready-made packaged form that can be easily sealed after drinking. With a 4 layered Aluminium package, it helps in preserving and locking the active Hydrogen. It also protects the water from getting contaminated.

High concentration of Hydrogen

Izumio has a high concentration of Hydrogen, at about 2,600,000 parts per trillion.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

By removing the Oxygen from the water, the water is enriched by adding Hydrogen to it, so that it does not get bound to the existing oxygen. When Hydrogen is injected into this de-oxygenated water, it gets managed so that it always reaches the optimum levels.

Longer shelf life

The shelf life of Izumio water is up to one year. But, once the package is opened, it has to be consumed within 3 hours.

These were some of the points that make Izumio water stand out and reach the position of number 1 in health drinks.

Why Water Is A Carrier For Hydrogen

1. Natural Synergy
Hydrogen is a constituent component of water. As we have all studied in school, water molecules are formed when molecular hydrogen combines with oxygen. In the formation of the water molecule, hydrogen acts as the reducer, while oxygen is the oxidant. Adding more of a constituent substance into its own solution is hence logically far less dangerous than combining two or more completely different elements.

2. Ease of availability
Water is the most abundantly available solvent in the world, just as hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. What this means in the world of medicine is that any product that uses these two as the primary constituents has great scalability, and consequently, the most economic viability of production for masses. Many anti-oxidants are not as readily available as hydrogen is, nor are any solvents that may be required to administer them as easy to procure as water.

3. Water and hydrogen are major components of the human body:
About 70% of the human body is made of water. Water is a life-sustaining resource for us – without it, we perish. So it logically follows that the human body will not reject water. The ease with which water is accepted into the body cannot be replicated by other carriers. Allergies to nuts, certain fruits and vegetables, all of which fall in the anti-oxidant category, are common. How many people claim to be allergic to water? If water can be used to administer medicine, it should be considered the safest. Likewise, hydrogen is a part of almost every molecule in the human body – DNA, sugars, fats, proteins and so on.

4. Natural “Miracle healing waters”:
These waters, found at Lourdes in France, Nordenau in Germany and Tlacote in Mexico, have a reputation of possessing tremendous therapeutic properties. Millions of people visit these places to derive the natural healing benefits of these waters. Scientific research into the constitution of these waters has found one thing in common between all – a large concentration of dissolved hydrogen and high electron activity. It is also proposed that over time, the hydrogen levels in natural sources are depleted, while environmental pollutants have increased the oxidant levels in them. Hydrogen water can be artificially produced by electrolysis, where oxygen and hydrogen are separated from the water, and only hydrogen is allowed to pass through water, thus increasing the concentration of hydrogen molecules in the water.

5. Detoxification effect of water:
Hydrogen is the only antioxidant that does not become a free radical itself upon losing an electron. Therefore, it is the safest antioxidant. Water even by itself is a great detoxifier for the body, as it helps to flush out solid accumulated waste from the system. It also promotes better hydration. Since water is in any case consumed as an important part of a daily diet, it makes sense that it is also employed as the carrier for hydrogen.

6. Oral to intravenous:
Intravenous medicine is absorbed far quicker into the system than oral medication. When water is used to administer hydrogen, it can be done intravenously. What this means is that water, which is the sustainer of life, also becomes the ultimate medicine, more so when used in conjunction with other vital nutrients. There are other forms of hydrogen also available that are preferred for conditions requiring higher concentrations of H2, for example, tablets..

7. Increased water intake:
By using Izumio drinking water as a carrier to administer hydrogen , one naturally increases their intake of water. This has its own secondary advantages, as water by itself is an essential requirement for the body to function properly.