Roach bait – all you need to know

Everyone may have come across cockroaches because they are the commonest insects that infest homes, restaurants, and many other places. Many people including you may justifiably experience a repulsive feeling on seeing cockroaches. These insects have the capabilities to mechanically transmit disease organisms like the bacteria that may cause food poisoning, allergy, etc.

Once these insects become established in buildings, they start breeding in a prolific manner which means their population may cross several thousands within a year.

Food, moisture and warmth are major attractions for cockroaches. This means if you keep your building clean and sanitized, you can prevent infestation by these insects. Similarly, you should ensure not to accumulate empty bottles, paper bags and cardboard boxes. You must keep food containers sealed and clean up the food crumbs that you unintentionally spill. Since cockroaches can infest your home any time of the year, you should adopt all the required steps for controlling them.

Roach baits can be effective in pest control for Singapore cockroach. They are slow-acting insecticides and if you want to use them for controlling cockroaches, you should incorporate them into food attractants. When the cockroaches feed on these baits while eating the food, it will result in their death. Baits that get expelled in the feces and sputum of these roaches will kill other cockroaches also in the nesting area.

The best advantage of roach baits is unlike aerosols or liquid sprays, there is no need for mixing anything with them. You need not empty your kitchen cabinets nor do you need to cover the surfaces where you prepare foods. Roach baits are odorless and are not volatile.

If you are not sure of making the right choice of roach baits or using them, you can seek the help of good pest control companies. In fact, proper placement is a key factor to achieve success in pest control for Singapore cockroach using roach baits. This means you should place the baits in areas where you frequently see these insects. You may particularly see them in more numbers in kitchens, toilets and bathrooms.

If you seek the help of companies that have experts with them, they will identify the right locations such as spots under toilets and sinks, underneath the refrigerators, stoves or dishwashers, storage areas, cabinets or spots adjacent to trash containers because cockroaches are fond of these places. In short, experts of the pest control company you choose will find out the right spots and place the roach baits there so these insects are completely eliminated from your home.