About Us

Street Couture.

In 2001, SISTAHS OF HARLEM came into existence when three “sistahs”, a fashion designer, a model and stylist, joined together to create a small collection of revamped vintage t-shirts. Selling them in humble street fairs throughout New York City, they quickly developed a large following of clients who appreciated their unique version of “Street Couture”.

Lead by President and Chief Designer Carmen Webber and Vice President Carmia Marshall, SISTAHS OF HARLEM has grown to become an international brand.

Encompassing a full collection of ready to wear garments reflective of the rich cultural and creative legacy of Harlem, they have captured the attention of the global fashion press, celebrities and international boutiques.

SISTAHS OF HARLEM garments sit along side of some of fashions greatest design names, contributing to the success is it’s newest moderately priced teen line called “SHNY.”

SISTAHS OF HARLEM, is defined by the concept of “Street Couture”. It is a mixture of urban street fashion and high Parisian style. Its style is a fusion of many influences of the true flavor and sassy street style of New York City and the world. Each collection is inspired by many influences: such as powerful women throughout history, politics, music, art, distant cultures, and the constant movement of the planet. It has manifested in seasonal SISTAHS OF HARLEM collections with themes such as this Spring 2004’s “Afro-Cuban”, Fall 2003’s “Les Femme du Monde – High Society Women”, Spring 2003’s “Rastafarian Street Punk” and Fall’s 2002 “Family & Education”.

A SISTAHS OF HARLEM garment is cultivated from hand-selected fabrics and images. Each collection is comprised of a variation of energetic shirts, eye catching dresses and skirts, electric hot shorts, sleek slacks, stylish sweaters, and tailored blazers and jackets.