What Exactly Is iZumio And How Is It Beneficial To The Body

There is something new in the market that has been around for centuries but seems to have made its mark now. After research and a series of tests, rich hydrogenated water is a much better option than medication. The brand iZumio has gone through the water purification cutting edge process and does not have any adverse effects. The heavy metals, fluoride, chemicals and many other toxins are filtered making the product a great beverage! Naturally, with anything that goes through these serious rounds, the price is going to be high. Given the fact that it will cut down medication down the line, it is worth the investment. The water is natural and free from any chemicals not to mention delicious.

Let us look at some of the benefits of hydrogen water and its effects on the body.
Damaged cells are repaired effectively over time. Drinking hydrogen water acts as a coating to the damaged cells and prevents them from becoming free radicals.
Early aging occurs because of a bad lifestyle and stress related disorders, among other factors. Due to oxidative damage, the skin and the body automatically goes into an overdrive making a person look older than her/his years. The water helps iron out the chinks.
Many neurological illness and even cancerous cells are removed quite effectively with the right quantities of hydrogen water.
Thyroid disorders the world over have increased over time. Brittleness of the bone and osteoarthritis, impaired levels of cognitive development, breast cancer, and prostate cancer and many other long term and life threatening illnesses are quite common. The water helps iron out the problems effectively.
Sexual impotency, erectile dysfunction, the normal cyclic growth of girls and boys has both increased and decreased rather alarmingly because of a variety of factors. The right amounts of iZumio water will help kids and adults alike in having a normal life.
Hydrogen water protects the brain from a stroke, which occurs (usually) due to constant oxidative stress. It also helps cutting back on age related disorders like dementia.
In a nutshell, the advantages are huge. Considering that you can turn the clock and reverse aging, improve the quality of the bones, energize the brain and improve your sex life, this product is a wonder. Studies have proven that there are serious benefits for the body with the right amounts of hydrogen water. The product is definitely expensive, but the price of medication is also quite heavy. Ergo, this is a much better alternative.

Merits of Lutein to Counter Eye Diseases

What is super lutein? A brief summary

Super lutein, also known as the “miracle supplement”, can protect people’s eyesight and help them maintain their health as well. It was during the year 1999 that this supplement was launched and since then, it has broken all sales records in various markets all over the world. In fact, some brands like Naturally Plus super lutein have been justifiably gaining more and more popularity.

When people age, they are forced to use up all the nutrients for protecting themselves from the UV rays as well as the blue light that emanates from the sun and also from computer monitors, automation equipment used in factories and offices, television, fluorescent lights, and electronic portable devices.

In addition to these factors, the fast-paced lifestyle of people does not allow them to eat and sleep properly. This also increases the fatigue of the eyes. In short, the UV rays of the sun and the blue light from various types of devices and equipment as well as the contaminants in the air or unwanted substances that enter into our body can trigger oxidation in our system. This may lead to issues like premature aging, macular degeneration, etc. Super lutein can effectively counter the effects of these bad elements and protect our health from oxidation. This means if we consume super lutein supplements like Naturally Plus super lutein on a regular basis , we can rest assured that we not only can have healthy eyesight but can maintain our health as well.

Lutein alone is also beneficial but super lutein is much more beneficial. In fact, lutein exists in the retina of the eyes. Though our body does not produce this substance, we get it by eating certain types of foods such as dark-green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, etc., corn, egg yolks and certain types of fruits. As experts lament, we do not bestow the attention required on what we eat. In fact, eating junk foods has almost become a way of life for a number of people. This adds to their health woes. Due to this habit, they age earlier and they face issues like vision loss, cataracts, etc. It is in this context that these people are advised to take lutein supplements.

Now that super lutein supplements are available, they can switch to them so they can not only have healthy eyesight but can bounce back to life by maintaining their overall health as well.

5 causes of dark circles under your eyes

Dark circles, also known as periorbital circles, do not only make you feel a bit awkward at social gatherings but they also indicate that you have an underlying medical condition. We often fail to understand how these dark circles have formed under our eyes because knowing the cause can help us immensely in addressing the problem. Following are some of the common causes of dark circles:

Sleep deprivation: Irregular sleeping patterns are the most common causes of dark circles under the eyes. Blood vessels under the skin of our eyes dilate when we are deprived of sleep, which make it appear dark. The condition doesn’t resolve on its own and often you have to go for a dark eye circle treatment.

Hereditary: Many diseases have a hereditary component and they are difficult to diagnose unless you know the cause. In many cases, even dark circles appear to be inherited from parents and they appear under the eyes right from the childhood. Often the condition worsens as you grow older; however, with proper dark eye circle treatment, you can get rid of them.

Allergies: We usually associate dark circles with aging, lack of sleep, and stress but what many of us don’t know is that seasonal allergies play a significant role in triggering dark circles under the eyes. Allergens expand the blood vessels under the skin of our eyes, and when the blood vessels are swollen, they rub against the skin under the eyes, making it appear dark.

Stress: The skin under the eye is the thinnest area of skin and it’s the most sensitive part of our face as well. Too much stress can break the capillaries under the skin and form a dark mark under the eyes. Also more blood is directed towards the organ that needs it the most and when you are under stress, the blood flow is directed towards your eyes.

Iron deficiency: Iron is an essential element that forms hemoglobin in our blood and when iron level drops, the blood cells do not get the required oxygen because irons carry oxygen to the cells. Hence, lack of iron can make the skin under your eyes appear dark.

Irrespective of the cause of the dark circles, it’s absolutely necessary for you to address the problem and seek medical assistance. With proper treatment and care, you would not only get rid of the dark circles but would also address the problem that is causing it.

Nutrients in Drinking Water

Water – an important nutrient:

The human body is seventy percent made of water. Hence research has proved that the body can sustain three weeks without food but only three days without water. Water is not only the basic necessity for survival; it is also a component that is responsible for the healthy functioning of the body. Water is in itself a very valuable nutrient. It helps every cell in the body to carry out its functions properly. We get twenty percent of the water content in the body from food and drinking water and other non-alcoholic beverages constitute the rest. Izumio drinking water has all the nutritional values of water.

The Institute of Medicine recommends thirteen glasses of water for men and nine glasses of water for the women. Such is the optimal amount of drinking water that makes the body function properly. Reducing the amount of water intake can cause various anomalies in the body. Water stands as the basis of blood, urine, perspiration and digestive juices. It is also contained in the fat stored in the body, in the lean muscles and the bones as well. However, water cannot be stored in the body unlike other nutrients. Hence the body needs a fresh supply of water every day.

Nutrients in drinking water:

Most of us think that water is needed to just keep the body hydrated. It is important for us to know the nutritional value of water. The nutrients in water are:

* Calcium: calcium in needed to keep the bones in the body strong.

* Magnesium: this too is needed for the bones and cardiovascular functioning.

* Sodium: this is an important extracellular electrolyte that is lost during sweat.

* Copper: this has important antioxidant function and helps in iron utilization.

* Selenium: it improves the immune system of the body by helping in the general antioxidant function.

* Potassium: this is needed for a variety of biochemical effects.

All these nutrients are found in Izumio drinking water. Thus to keep the body functioning properly, it is important to drink lots of water.

Water is needed for the proper functioning of the body. It keeps the cells in the body healthy. The bloodstream liquid is replenished which facilitates blood flow in the body. It helps to remove excess electrolytes from the body that are produced as a byproduct of metabolism. Water regulates body temperature through sweating. It helps in digestion and prevents constipation. Thus drinking water is very important.

What makes Izumio the number 1 health drink?

People have become so conscious about their health that they are ready to invest in health and nutritional supplements. Then again, not all health drinks guarantee the benefits that they promise. While some have side effects, there are others that only make false promises. In such a scenario, one is skeptical about trying out any health drinks. However, Izumio water proves to be the health drink that it claims to be. Enriched with Hydrogen, this drink is quite beneficial for the health and vitality of a person.

So, what is the main reason for Izumio becoming the number one health drink? It is because of the benefits of Izumio water, which are derived due to the presence of Hydrogen in them.

Fights against diseases

This water is quite helpful in combating AIDS, allergies, skin diseases, respiratory organic diseases, Osteoarthritis, Diabetes, Digestive system problems, and other health conditions.

Effective Antioxidant

Due to its anti-oxidant properties, it reduces the effect of free radicals, converting them into harmless substances. These radicals are then extracted out of the body in a natural way, in the form of sweat or urine.

Delivery at doorstep

Izumio water is delivered, right at your door-step, in its special crafted packaging. So, without having to visit the sites for miracle water, a person can derive the Izumio water benefits sitting at home

Easiest way to drink for health

Before this health drink arrived in the market, people used to try different methods for adding hydrogen to the water. To make the water enriched with Hydrogen, Magnesium sticks were added to the water. Also, water was passed through purified water filters so that some hydrogen could be produced. Izumio water comes in a ready-made packaged form that can be easily sealed after drinking. With a 4 layered Aluminium package, it helps in preserving and locking the active Hydrogen. It also protects the water from getting contaminated.

High concentration of Hydrogen

Izumio has a high concentration of Hydrogen, at about 2,600,000 parts per trillion.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

By removing the Oxygen from the water, the water is enriched by adding Hydrogen to it, so that it does not get bound to the existing oxygen. When Hydrogen is injected into this de-oxygenated water, it gets managed so that it always reaches the optimum levels.

Longer shelf life

The shelf life of Izumio water is up to one year. But, once the package is opened, it has to be consumed within 3 hours.

These were some of the points that make Izumio water stand out and reach the position of number 1 in health drinks.

What is Cheek Augmentation?

One of the most popular cosmetic surgical treatments of recent times is cheek augmentation. This procedure aims at giving people the desired youthful look of sculpted, full and defined cheeks.

With age, the face gradually loses fat, resulting in saggy, sunken cheeks. Doctors are undertaking surgical and non-surgical techniques that focus on restoring the volume and youthful contours of the midface.

On a broader level, there are three major treatments available for cheek augmentation: Facial implants, cheek fillers and fat-grafting.

Facial implants have been a popular and permanent solution to flat or sagged cheeks. The implants can be made of a variety of materials such as silicones, high-density porous polyethylene (marketed as Medpor) and ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene), most popular as Gore-Tex. Both Medpor and ePTFE are inert materials, which merge better with the underlying tissue and bone, than silicone. The implants are placed directly on the cheekbones, or to midface, or to both regions. The result is a well-defined contouring of the face, especially to the sides and the cheekbones.

Cheek fillers are less invasive than facial implants. They are available in the form of hyaluronic acid-based gels and collagen-stimulating fillers that are injected to parts of the cheeks where signs of ageing begin to appear. This treatment ensures the rejuvenation and hydration of the skin, also volumising the targeted part of the face. The commonly available hyaluronic gel products in the market are Restylane and Juvederm.

Fat grafting, also known as autologous fat transfer or micro fat-grafting, is a process involves the cultivation of fat taken from the lower body of the receiver. The fat is processed and injected into the targeted parts of the face. Since the fat is transferred within the same body, there is no risk of infection or adverse reaction. Specialists are of the opinion that fat grafting provides long-term results and in certain cases, encourages collagen growth within the tissues. Additionally, the process is minimally invasive and adverse reactions are unheard of.

Cheek augmentation is a procedure that has been gaining popularity among health- and image-conscious individuals over the decades. Lifting, toning, sculpting and restoring – these are some of the wonders that such a technique can provide, giving the face a better, more symmetrical and chiselled look. It has ensured better appearance and has restored confidence in its patrons without being heavy on the skin or pocket.

All You Need to Know About Laser Facials

A laser facial is basically a laser-based facial treatment, also known as laser skin treatment or facial laser skin resurfacing, that helps reduce wrinkles, blemishes, fine lines and pigmentation. As we age, our skin shows visible signs of loss in elasticity as well as damage from exposure to light, heat and pollutants in the atmosphere. To rejuvenate our skin and achieve a more youthful look, laser treatment is very effective in treating damaged and loose skin without much fuss.

How does it work?

Lasabrasion, laser vaporization or laser peel, as laser skin resurfacing is also known, uses concentrated pulses of laser light targeted at the treatment area to achieve controlled damage of skin tissue, thus triggering the production of new collagen. This new collagen is what will help the skin rejuvenate and look healthier. This laser technique can treat a wider range of cosmetic and skin issues compared to other techniques because of the greater control it gives over the damage induced to produce new collagen.

What is the procedure?

Before a treatment session, you should avoid anything that will make your skin sensitive – like sunbathing, collagen injections, chemical peels – for at least two weeks prior. If you have acne, the laser treatment should be deferred until after the acne has subsided. The treatment itself is quite simple and is performed as an outpatient procedure. There are two types of laser treatment – ablative and non-ablative. Ablative laser treatment requires general anesthesia and non-ablative does not because it is less invasive.

Recovery and results

Generally, non-ablative laser treatments don’t require any downtime since there is very little discomfort during and after the procedure. Regular activities can be resumed immediately after the procedure, but it is advisable to stay out of the sun and away from heat. There will be soreness and even some weeping of the skin, but that will subside in a few days. Redness will subside within 6 to 8 weeks. After the initial healing, results of the laser treatment will be visible, with a noticeable reduction in fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. Results will last for at least a year or more if you take care of your skin.

There are centres with good facial laser treatment in Singapore that provide treatments for a variety of skin issues using a range of techniques with the best in laser technology.

Is your Pest exterminator eco-friendly

Nowadays, anything eco-friendly is welcome because “go green”€ is the most popular mantra. This is a healthy trend because this can save our planet from disaster. Therefore, as a responsible citizen, you should choose a pest exterminator in Singapore who also has faith in the “go green” mantra.

It is a happy news that environmentally friendly methods are available for controlling pests in buildings and other places. Chemicals have been shown the door and their greener equivalents are being opted for. This not only benefits humans but it benefits the company that adopts these techniques also because the health and safety of their technicians who carry out the tasks will not be put in jeopardy.

A lot of research is taking place for finding new, eco-friendly ways that can completely eliminate the risks as well as the dangers involved in using non-eco-friendly methods. You should check if the company you choose keeps abreast of such researches and innovations and if they are ready to adopt those ideas that suit their needs. In fact, it has been proved that eco-friendly methods if incorporated into IPM or Integrated Pest Management programs can more effectively control unwanted pests.

Researchers who are involved in such studies also try to find out the root causes that create a scope for pest issues. According to them, infestation of pests happens when pests like ants, termites, flies, cockroaches, etc. enter places in search of their foods, shelter or water. The contention of the researchers is that if they address this root cause, they will be able to find a permanent, eco-friendly remedy for pest issues. A lot of headway seems to have happened on this front.

The professionals working for your pest control company should always focus on finding and adopting greener methods and eco-friendly techniques. At the same time, they should observe the pest activity in your place and should be able to identify the potential problems in the right manner. They should also be able to put appropriate eco-friendly ways to use so these pest activities do not turn into fully-blown infestations. The eco-friendly techniques they use should provide a permanent solution to the issue.

In addition to looking for a pest exterminator in Singapore who focuses only on using eco-friendly methods for pest control, you should take a few preventive steps also for controlling pests. If you bestow enough attention on facility maintenance and sanitation, you can certainly prevent infestations by pests.

Roach bait – all you need to know

Everyone may have come across cockroaches because they are the commonest insects that infest homes, restaurants, and many other places. Many people including you may justifiably experience a repulsive feeling on seeing cockroaches. These insects have the capabilities to mechanically transmit disease organisms like the bacteria that may cause food poisoning, allergy, etc.

Once these insects become established in buildings, they start breeding in a prolific manner which means their population may cross several thousands within a year.

Food, moisture and warmth are major attractions for cockroaches. This means if you keep your building clean and sanitized, you can prevent infestation by these insects. Similarly, you should ensure not to accumulate empty bottles, paper bags and cardboard boxes. You must keep food containers sealed and clean up the food crumbs that you unintentionally spill. Since cockroaches can infest your home any time of the year, you should adopt all the required steps for controlling them.

Roach baits can be effective in pest control for Singapore cockroach. They are slow-acting insecticides and if you want to use them for controlling cockroaches, you should incorporate them into food attractants. When the cockroaches feed on these baits while eating the food, it will result in their death. Baits that get expelled in the feces and sputum of these roaches will kill other cockroaches also in the nesting area.

The best advantage of roach baits is unlike aerosols or liquid sprays, there is no need for mixing anything with them. You need not empty your kitchen cabinets nor do you need to cover the surfaces where you prepare foods. Roach baits are odorless and are not volatile.

If you are not sure of making the right choice of roach baits or using them, you can seek the help of good pest control companies. In fact, proper placement is a key factor to achieve success in pest control for Singapore cockroach using roach baits. This means you should place the baits in areas where you frequently see these insects. You may particularly see them in more numbers in kitchens, toilets and bathrooms.

If you seek the help of companies that have experts with them, they will identify the right locations such as spots under toilets and sinks, underneath the refrigerators, stoves or dishwashers, storage areas, cabinets or spots adjacent to trash containers because cockroaches are fond of these places. In short, experts of the pest control company you choose will find out the right spots and place the roach baits there so these insects are completely eliminated from your home.

Control Mosquitoes for Your Healthy Home

If you thought mosquitoes are only a nuisance while you are outdoors, think again. In fact, they are one of the most major causes of health-related issues. Thousands of people all over the world worry a lot about how to tackle problems related to pest infestations that they face inside their houses. The months in summer, in particular, are especially worse since mosquitoes bring more agony to all those who want to be outdoors. The most common places where you will find mosquitoes apart from your houses are in your backyards, in standing water and at various picnic spots among others.

The good news is that you can still enjoy spending time outdoors. There is a host of tools available for repelling mosquitoes in various price ranges that are a great help for getting rid of the mosquitoes. However, you need to be sure of using some good mosquito control services for keeping those tiny monsters at bay.

You can protect youself from the diseases caused by mosquitoes in two different ways. The first technique is to make sure that you reduce or get the mosquito population controlled to the maximum. When the population of the mosquitoes gets reduced, the possibility of getting bitten by mosquitoes also goes down. It is obvious that when you are not bitten by these pests, you are safe from diseases borne by a mosquito. This objective can be achieved by reducing mosquitoes at their source, trapping, or use if biological and chemical means like adulticiding or larviciding. The second technique to remain safe from mosquitoes is to make sure that the adult mosquitoes that remain cannot bite you.

Follow these handy tips to control mosquitoes for your healthy home

Standing water, if available, should be removed. Holding units that have good chance of preserving rainwater like empty holes, pot holes, plastic containers and tires need to be removed too.

You should replace the water in the birdbath and the pool quite frequently.

Boats, if any, should be covered using tarps.

There should be proper drainage holes in your outdoor garbage for proper channeling of sewage water,

If there are clogged gutters, keep them clean always so that there is no accumulation of rainwater ever.

When to approach a pest control company

But though you might have taken steps to control mosquitoes, sometimes they are not sufficient. In such situations, you need the help of a good mosquito control service provider to reduce the population of adult mosquitoes surrounding and inside your home. These pest control companies use environmental friendly services for eliminating breeding and nesting sites for adult mosquitoes.

Why Water Is A Carrier For Hydrogen

1. Natural Synergy
Hydrogen is a constituent component of water. As we have all studied in school, water molecules are formed when molecular hydrogen combines with oxygen. In the formation of the water molecule, hydrogen acts as the reducer, while oxygen is the oxidant. Adding more of a constituent substance into its own solution is hence logically far less dangerous than combining two or more completely different elements.

2. Ease of availability
Water is the most abundantly available solvent in the world, just as hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. What this means in the world of medicine is that any product that uses these two as the primary constituents has great scalability, and consequently, the most economic viability of production for masses. Many anti-oxidants are not as readily available as hydrogen is, nor are any solvents that may be required to administer them as easy to procure as water.

3. Water and hydrogen are major components of the human body:
About 70% of the human body is made of water. Water is a life-sustaining resource for us – without it, we perish. So it logically follows that the human body will not reject water. The ease with which water is accepted into the body cannot be replicated by other carriers. Allergies to nuts, certain fruits and vegetables, all of which fall in the anti-oxidant category, are common. How many people claim to be allergic to water? If water can be used to administer medicine, it should be considered the safest. Likewise, hydrogen is a part of almost every molecule in the human body – DNA, sugars, fats, proteins and so on.

4. Natural “Miracle healing waters”:
These waters, found at Lourdes in France, Nordenau in Germany and Tlacote in Mexico, have a reputation of possessing tremendous therapeutic properties. Millions of people visit these places to derive the natural healing benefits of these waters. Scientific research into the constitution of these waters has found one thing in common between all – a large concentration of dissolved hydrogen and high electron activity. It is also proposed that over time, the hydrogen levels in natural sources are depleted, while environmental pollutants have increased the oxidant levels in them. Hydrogen water can be artificially produced by electrolysis, where oxygen and hydrogen are separated from the water, and only hydrogen is allowed to pass through water, thus increasing the concentration of hydrogen molecules in the water.

5. Detoxification effect of water:
Hydrogen is the only antioxidant that does not become a free radical itself upon losing an electron. Therefore, it is the safest antioxidant. Water even by itself is a great detoxifier for the body, as it helps to flush out solid accumulated waste from the system. It also promotes better hydration. Since water is in any case consumed as an important part of a daily diet, it makes sense that it is also employed as the carrier for hydrogen.

6. Oral to intravenous:
Intravenous medicine is absorbed far quicker into the system than oral medication. When water is used to administer hydrogen, it can be done intravenously. What this means is that water, which is the sustainer of life, also becomes the ultimate medicine, more so when used in conjunction with other vital nutrients. There are other forms of hydrogen also available that are preferred for conditions requiring higher concentrations of H2, for example, tablets..

7. Increased water intake:
By using Izumio drinking water as a carrier to administer hydrogen , one naturally increases their intake of water. This has its own secondary advantages, as water by itself is an essential requirement for the body to function properly.

Integrated Pest Management

Termites are one of the most despised pests in the world. This is because they spread very fast and wreak havoc in the house. Not just the house, they are a pain even for farmers as they target agricultural products as well. Billions of dollars of agricultural products are destroyed every year due to termites. Termites also infest urban structures like offices and tall skyscrapers. Thus places like New York, New Delhi and Singapore are not free from the dangers of termites. Thus termite control in Singapore is needed and is also practiced.

Apart from formal pest control methods, there are home-made remedies that are applied to control and kill termites. These home-made remedies include electrocution that does not involve any chemicals, aloe vera gel that can be found in any household, as well as essential oils that are effective towards termites. Thus these methods are used if termites are detected in the initial stages. But if termite infestation happens on a large scale then proper pest control methods have to be applied.

Integrated Pest Management:

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is one of the established and tried and tested methods of pest control that applies the belief that there should not be any harm caused. IPM applies a very different approach towards pest control methods. IPM practitioners practice a very different method of controlling pests. There is no use of pesticide as this tends to not only harm the human beings but cause great harm to the entire food chain. The IPM practitioners have a strong belief that for pests to grow and multiply, they need suitable conditions like food, shelter and water. If these basic needs of the pest are not fulfilled, they will be automatically be eradicated.

This method is used for termite control in Singapore. Many have the wrong conception that integrated pest management entail more cost than pesticides. However, this must be kept in mind that IPM is a far less harmful way of eradicating termites and its impact is far more long-lasting than pesticides.

The advantages of IPM are that it is far less poisonous than pesticide, hence less harmful, it focuses primarily on complete eradication of the pest problem. Thus it is more effective. One factor that must be paid heed to is that IPM cannot be implemented by one person. A team is selected. This team has specialized knowledge in pest control and then they carry out the implementation as per the problem.

Zap The Mosquitoes Away With Natural Products

Mosquitoes are not only an annoyance but also cause serious illnesses, some that are treatable and many that causes death. Many people are mosquito magnets for these pests who even bite their way through shoes! The call in professionals who handle mosquito control services in eliminating your home or commercial enterprise from these disease-bearing pests. In addition to using their services, here are a couple of natural methods to get rid of those scary pests.


Mosquitoes loathe the smell of mint, as do rats. Finely chop the mint leaves, add it to water and spray this around the house like a vaporizer. The smell of mint is soothing and is a form of aromatherapy too. It also zaps those menacing dengue pests.

A Natural Garlic Vaporizer

Garlic is a wonder in the kitchen – it is also no friend of the mosquito. Smash a couple of pods garlic with or without the skin and boil it in water. Use this as a spray and dissuade mosquitoes from making your home their home.

The Allure of Lavender

Lavender oil applied on your skin or used as a spray is a definitive way to eliminate your home from annoying monsters. The flower and its scent are natural, calm the mind and add to the allure of your home. You get the advantage of three – a nice smelling home, aromatherapy and no pests.

Herbal Wonders

Basil, also known as tulsi in many Indian homes, is one of the natural ways to get rid of mosquitoes. Follow the same method as with the mint and you will find yourself free of mosquitoes. Alternatively, plant a basil shrub and you get the benefit in the garden too, ideal while entertaining outside.

If you do not have the time or the patience to see yourself trying any of these methods, or if they have failed you, call in professionals who handle mosquito control services. It may require a series of sprays especially if you have a water collection like ponds and pools or even debris. Natural methods work wonderfully well – you make sure that you remove any build up of water anywhere in or around the house.

It can get quite difficult during the monsoons, which is the ideal time for those mosquitoes to multiply – this is the time when they need to be removed completely especially if you notice any sign of larvae. The professionals do their job; you need to keep the fires burning and free from pests.

Why trithor installation is important in ant control

When you observe that ants have started invading your home, you may become alert and begin taking steps such as keeping your kitchen cupboards and kitchen-tops clean, sealing the cracks and holes in the walls and wooden frames of your home and so on. You may also track the path ants take for making entry into your home. You may find out the nest of the insects and spray chemicals so you can kill them. But whether you will be able to completely eradicate the problem with these ways may be a big question. That is why you are suggested to get in touch with a competent company that offers suitable services for getting rid of ants. 

But while you are making efforts to identify such a company, you must ensure to choose a provider who adopts professional ways in termite protection because it can easily be assumed that a provider who can efficiently handle termite protection can help you in ant control in Singapore as well.

The company you choose should adopt ways that are not only of high quality but are cost-effective as well. In short, you should get genuine results from their efforts. This means once you entrust the task to them, you must not have any worries whatsoever about the ants that are invading your home.

The company you choose should offer environmentally-friendly solutions like trithor installation. In fact, in solutions such as trithor installation, there is no question of toxic substances being used. It is said that some of these solutions can protect buildings from termites and ants for a number of years. 

To be more precise, trithor installation involves creating a physical barrier that can prevent invasion of ants and termites of your home. The installation in turn involves incorporation of a fibrous blanket within trithor.

The main ingredient of trithor is an agent that repels termites and ants. This agent comes in the form of crystals and it is highly potent in controlling these insects and keeping them away from buildings.

Further, the membrane of Trithor kills the termites and ants very quickly and so, even tough termites and steadfast ants will not be able to penetrate the barrier and enter your building. That is the reason trithor installation is considered more effective than any other termite or ant barrier available in the market.

In short, ant control in Singapore becomes easy if you hire a company that can effectively do trithor installation.

Clothing with “Reference” Summer 2006 Studio Magazine

In well-kept brownstone on the tree-lined streets of Sugar Hill

Sistahs of Harlem has set up shop. White walls surround racks of colorful clothing, tables topped with scissors, paper, pencils and fabric, and shelf upon shelf of research. Carmen Webber and Carmia Marshall, the savvy couturiers behind Sistahs of Harlem, have mastered the art of mélange.

Since 2001, their eclectic and elegant creations have graced the streets of New York City and beyond, with women’s wear that ranges from military-chic miniskirts to Grecian-inspired dresses, and from ornamented hat to t-shirts with ruffled, knit sleeves. Inspired by the fusion of cultures and tasted in New York’s global community, Sistahs of Harlem pieces are cute, conscious and ladylike, and pay homage to groundbreaking African Americans such as Assasta Shakur, James Baldwin, and Billie Holiday.

Because they are dedicated to creating what Webber call “clothing with reference,” Marshall and Webber don’t simply blend the colors and patterns of different aesthetics in search of a new trend. Instead, they quote diverse ideologies, moods and movements, mixing media in the broadcast sense: the intellectual avant-garde meets the sumptuousness of silk screens, the written word meets the pinstripe and a soaring guitar solo meets the detailed embellishments of a denim jacket. Past collections include the visionary less Femmes du Monde, the prescient Rastafarian Street Punk, Sisterhood of Wings’ aria to the female firsts in flight and this spring Cosmopolitan Goddes, a modern ode to femininity-of-color. This summer, a how-to that puts a Sistahs spin on a sportswear classic. With their customary blend of vintage and couture, Webber and Marshall reveal step-by-step secrets that transform t-shirts into halters, peasant blouses, tube tops and camisoles with a twist.

Telling the stories of women of color through fashion, Webber and Marshall merge the political with the simply beautiful, proving that fashion can be as intelligent as it is stylish. Sistahs of Harlem continues to affirm and build upon the legacy of adornment that is so rich in this neighborhood – no doubt Harlem’s spot on the fashion map is in good hands.

Now Hear This Winter 2006 Uptown Magazine

Now hear this: Carmen Webber and Carmia Marshall, the beauties beauties behind the Sistahs of Harlem clothing line, want it made clear that they have not abandoned the beloved community that fuels their creativity. Sure, their current studio/showroom boasts a Tribeca address, but the decision to head downtown was pragmatic, not pretentious. “The gentrification (of Harlem) is a wonderful thing,” says Webber, a former model turned designer from North Carolina. “But it pushed a small company like ours out.” So, until they’re able to attain the capital (preferably through investors) to return, they continue to produce the edgy clothing that stylish celebrities like Alicia Keys, Iman, Eve and Erykah Badu clamor for. Or more specifically, assures Webber, “We’re still representing the true essence of Harlem.”

A large part of that essence, says Marshall, is the stimulating cultural synthesis that exists there. “I’ve always known about Harlem,” says Flint, Michigan, native who got her fashion start working as a wardrobe stylist for film and television. “It’s a microcosm of so many different things: nationalities, personalities, and careers. It’s a melting pot, and why not mirror that in fashion?”

Sistahs of Harlem reflects Harlem’s many facets through an eclectic mix of high fashion and sportswear that they call ”street couture.” Says Webber, “Urban style has come to mean hip-hop, baggy tops epieces like the deconstructed pinstripe Zora Neale Hurston Suit or the Lena Horne t-shirt with slit know sleeves, they pay tribute to legendary Harlem. Their Rasta Punk collection, a variety of sexy reconstructed t-shirts, dresses, and hot pants emblazoned with Jamaican themes, is a sartorial big-up to the colorful Caribbean vibe now evident uptown. And Sistahs of Harlem’s desire to inform is just as strong as their passion for fashion. Last fall, their flight-themed Sistahood of Wings collection celebrated pioneering female aviators of color like Bessie Coleman and Katherine Chenung.

For Spring and summer 2006, the Sistahs have created Cosmopolitan Goddess, a cool eceletic line of Eastern-inspired tops, skirts, dresses and pants that are sure to put stylish divas in touch with their higher fashion selves. They’ve also debuted a lower-priced line of funky t-shirts and separates under the Angels of Harlem label. And, for the record, the Sistahs plan to come back to Harlem this March by opening a private showroom uptown.